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2012-13 Los Angeles Lakers Thread

3 pm start today in Philly.

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Another win
Didn't watch the game after falling asleep but its nice to see the bench stepping up now. I hope Meeks consistently gives us production because once we get our starters back him and Jamo will be key off the bench.
WhoooHooo! 3 win streak tomorrow.
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Bobcats always play us well for some reason.

Ron has done well the last few games at the 4. Team is shooting better and playing better team defense, and even Dwight's freethrows have edged up a bit. With Nash and Pau coming back soon, maybe the Lakers have weathered the storm? Too early to tell. I still think they can lose to anybody.
Originally posted by titan:
WhoooHooo! 3 win streak tomorrow.

In the words of Winston Wolf: "Let's not start sucking each other's dicks just yet."

Awful article lol
Steve Nash, on what's ailing the Lakers. He hit the nail on the head, IMO:

"The wings have to get to the corner to create space," Nash said. "The bigs have to run their man to create separation, and when they can get out quickly to create separation, when they can get a piece of their guy and get out quickly to the basket and when we create an advantage and that point guard is guarded by the big, then the flow opens up. "But if we don't get any separation from our men, we don't set good picks, and we don't get off the pick quickly, then they can just slide through and cover us and we're back to 5-on-5. "I think that's a dangerous position for our team because we don't create easy shots for each other and we have to take long, guarded shots which ends up killing our defense because then they run out on them. We need to get it going downhill a little bit, open up their defense and make them scramble a little bit to make room for our bigs down low and our point guards."
Gasol looks old. Jesus Christ...
Down 16 at home to a team on a 11 game losing streak... When do we start shopping Gasol for guys who can play?

Originally posted by socalfan21:
Down 16 at home to a team on a 11 game losing streak... When do we start shopping Gasol for guys who can play?

Remember before the season when you guys wanted Dwight and you said NO WAY to trading Bynum and Gasol for Howard?
28-4 run... Wow.

I still loathe gasol.
lol wtf
Pretty good game...21 seconds left
lol @ bobcats
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