49ers sign 1st-round draft pick Solomon Thomas

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2012-13 Golden State Warriors Thread.

Originally posted by SF69ers:
I was hoping to see more out of him during the Summer League, but he was alright/very raw. Hopefully, he plays in Santa Cruz and develops.

They develop then sign elsewhere
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Barnes's scrimmage dunk made Sportscenter's top play

On mobile and can't post it nao
Barnes looked great in the team USA scrimmage. Don't be surprised if he ultimately starts w/ Iguodala.
My minutes distribution estimate. 9-man rotation:

38 -- Curry
36 -- Lee
36 -- Iguodala
30 -- Thompson
25 -- Bogut
25 -- Barnes
20 -- Speights
15 -- Douglas
15 -- Green or O'Neal *Depends if we play big or small*

240 minutes total

I really wanted to find room for Bazemore in the rotation, but I couldn't fit him in. Maybe he can beat out Douglas for some floor time.
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I would think that Green would get more. Hopefully
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Barnes is a heck of a player. He should get 6th man consideration if he comes off the bench.
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Cousins set that up
who is he dunking on there

Originally posted by Garcia:
who is he dunking on there

Ryan Anderson
Originally posted by SF69ers:
Originally posted by Garcia:
who is he dunking on there

Ryan Anderson

white men cant jump.... except for Nemania Nedovic or whatever dudes name is.
Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:

That was a fun game to watch. So many good, young players. I'm sure they'll be replaying it on NBATV over the next week or so.
we waived Scott Machado, Dwayne Jones, and Kevin Murphy
Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:


That reverse dunk on Anthony Randolph was better. The one over Pekovic tho...
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