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2012-13 Golden State Warriors Thread.

Down 9 pts isn't all that bad considering Spurs were hitting everything. Jack is playin' great again!
Jefferson can't fit FTs...
Originally posted by DaManRathman:

lol wtf was that...he is really struggling offensively.
This is why you can't play chumps like Bonner for too long. They will give up more points on defense if the other team goes right at him.
Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:

Barnes has unbelievable body control when in the air.
Jarrett is just jacking up shots
thought there was at least .3 seconds left

o well

Harry keeping us in the game... I love how he's playing his best basketball during the playoffs.
We're in great shape. The W's withstood the early run from the Spurs. We expected them to come out with an edge at home. We're only down 3. Just need a few shots from the splash bros to go down.
splitter spins into bogut and its a foul?
Phantom foul call on bogut

i think the refs noticed you duncan
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