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2012-13 Golden State Warriors Thread.

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Spoke too soon lol

its no laughing matter.

Come at me bro

My name is Dave BTW

That n***a is a hall of famer!!!!!!!!!!


First ballot lol

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surprisingly still in this
can miller get t'd up?
Not gonna happen tonight. We had our shot in the 3rd quarter down by 9. Denver goes on a run and pushes it back to 20. It was over after that.
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f**king f*ggot faried
Originally posted by teeohh:
f**king f*ggot faried

So much so, that he makes Collins seem like Chamberlain.
This is it
Come ooooooon, Vicki Vallencourt!!!!!!!!!!
That Asian mom wants Durant's D in that commercial

Denver is tightening up!!!!

Fear-based b!tches in Colorado!!!
Da fuq!? I go to drop a deuce, and now we're only down 8!
the intensity is heating up!
GET EZILI out of the game
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