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2012-13 Golden State Warriors Thread.

Curry, wow
Lawson is their only hope. We need to D UP!

Landry better start knocking down some shots.
WOW. Barnes is clutch as f**k.
that foul on klay was b******t
Originally posted by YungAce:
that foul on klay was b******t

No s**t
Hand check my ass. Hate these f**king chicken s**t calls.
klay careless with the ball, then doesnt hustle back on defense

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There we go Klay!
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Go Warriors

Andre Miller driving to the hoop
Curry looking like the ball is on a yoyo string.
Originally posted by Garcia:
Andre Miller driving to the hoop

I say again:

Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:
Balls of Curry

After the Nuggets won the first game, I read a comment on a Nuggets forum that said something along the lines of, "I'll give it about a week before I start hating Andre Miller again"


Now I know why
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