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Josh Johnson is a Sacramento Mountain Lion

That sucks pretty bad lol

Is cullpepper still the back up QB? I never got a link to the roster lol
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Originally posted by Muggins:
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Looked at rosters, here are the full former 49ers

QB Josh Johnson - Sacramento Mountain Lions
WR Joe Hastings - Sacramento Mountain Lions
DE Jay Moore - Former draft pick, on Omaha Nighthwaks
ILB Mike Balogun- UDFA signing a few years back, Virginia Destroyers
S Curtis Taylor - Former 7th rd pick, Sacramento Mountain Lions
PK Fabrizio Scaccia- Former Camp kicker, Sacramento Mountain Lions

QB Jeff Fleming I believe got a tryout with us in the offseason.

When I was watching the game last night I was wondering if that was our Jay Moore.

Yep, our Jay Moore. Forget where he was from, Nebraska? Never became anything, Was injured.
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