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2012 Oregon Ducks Football Thread (GO DUCKS!!!)

Not a bad way to start the season last night. Scored 50 points in the first 22 minutes of the game We EASILY could've dropped 80 or so if we didn't take the starters out in the 2nd quarter.

Remember the name: Marcus Mariota. He's only a freshman, but he handled the offense like a 4-year senior. He was accurate, showed poise in the pocket, made the right reads in the zone reads.

And oh yeah, De'Anthony Thomas for Heisman

Only touched the ball 7 times last night, but scored on 3 of them.
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Beat USC.
Originally posted by zero:
Beat USC.

We'll get our revenge.
following this year. gotta support the HI QB.
Dibs on far left and two in the middle cheerleaders.
Originally posted by chico49erfan:
Dibs on far left and two in the middle cheerleaders.

the blonde chick in the middle is/was LaMichael James' girl.

Next Saturday

It was really a great and enjoyble game. Its not very often that we see such interesting games happening.
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got my tickets for the 15th

Originally posted by bors:
got my tickets for the 15th

I just got my tics for Fresno St. tonight
usc will win lol
Going to the game tomorrow

Can't wait to see Mariota and De'Anthony back in action again.
We will win

I'm jk
GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!! (take it easy on us this year please)
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