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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

Sandoval is a walking trashcan. His fielding has dipped so far below acceptable and his approach at the plate is laughable. His only saving grace as a hitter has been his bat speed, which is now compromised by his appetite.
Originally posted by OnTheClock:

How many other teams in the league can have the bases loaded with no outs for their BEST power hitters in the heart of the order and get NOTHING? WTF.

I smell a HR from Chicago.

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Watching this f**king team...

This is just awesome.
8 beautiful innings from Madbum just get completely s**t on
Originally posted by Niners99:
Inexcusable. 3-4-5 all stars coming up with bases loaded, no outs, mediocre RP. No runs.


Horrible.. That's like being on the 15 yard line with a first down, not being able to score AND missing the field goal. Any other team would have scored

Now they got a shot to win it again in the 9th...Lets go Abreu, no DP
This team...


The Cubs


Romo getting the loss giving me a big -5 in my points league team?

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Season over.
Wow a game ending double play with the bases loaded
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