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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

Epic road win at AT&T fellas
good s**t
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this team is on life support but we still have a pulse.

game game by the bullpen.
Bochy is in the record books and still gives no fvcks lol

That guy is a cooler than the other side of the pillow.
teh lord zito returns
Chad better cop a serious feel tomorrow, need a long outing and a win

This bullpen has blown all of its rest from the all-star break in two series
1,500 !
When does Vogey return?
Originally posted by VaBeachNiner:
When does Vogey return?

Supposedly August 8th, but I guess we'll see.
at least we won one yesterday

Holy f**k this is dirty:

Originally posted by itlynstalyn:
Holy f**k this is dirty:

f**k, wouldn't stand a chance
That slider looks illegal, just like Romo.
was watchin that 9th at the gym.. those romo sliders were super filth
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Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
That slider looks illegal, just like Romo.

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