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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

gtfo Uribe you POS
Originally posted by Niners99:
wow. Puig flipped his bat after a single.

Seriously, lol
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One more, cmon Romo.
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what a f**king cock tease.
Could not have served up a fatter pitch
god f**king damnit
Puig is a f**king douchebag f**k the Dodgers
F this team for playing scrubs like torres and gallespie, you got one of the highest payroll and those pieces of s**t is what you trot out??? bring up gary brown already, cant be any worse than torres, gawd so mad.

Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Puig is a f**king douchebag f**k the Dodgers

Agreed. Next time we face him, throw up and in.
so is everyone still swinging from Romo's nuts?
Wtf romo.
Posey Effed that one up. costly error.
playing like a AAA team.

Again, Belt should be playing I dont give a s**t what his h/ab is vs Kershaw - he's a big leaguer. This game would be tied still.

Quiroz is hitting .200 why the F is he still on this team?
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