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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

no hitter no hitter no hitter

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we're f**ked
Of course we're going to get no-hit.
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
We look totally overmatched right now. Hate to say it, but I wouldn't be surprised if we got no-hit tonight.

LOL Just got in. Good call Ghost
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we suck!
On a side note, I'm very tired of seeing Sandoval not be able to catch up to a fastball that's right down the middle. He's seriously playing his way out of a multi-year contract. It's really a shame because he is one of the league's best hitters when he's healthy and only semi-fat. He's just a worthless POS right now and it's tough to watch.
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The one thing you can say about the Giants. They suck equally right now on both offense and defense. Just a bad team.
Goodness gracious, somebody get a freakin' hit.

no hitter no hitter
NO HIT. Ghost called it.
Very ashamed of this team right now.
Damn. Homer Bailey
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