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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

Originally posted by VaBeachNiner:
Here comes Affeldt....

Originally posted by AmpLee:
Originally posted by Niners99:
Kap's first pitch had some fuzz on it. I was kind of surprised he risked a real throw, since itd been so long. Just from a nerves perspective. Brandon Webb embarrassed himself by bouncing a first pitch in AZ earlier this year, and he wasnt that far removed from being in the big leagues.

Now I kind of want to see him take some warm up throws and throw from the windup to see how close to 94 he can still get...

lol Kap should pull a Deion and come pitch out of the pen for the Giants up until football season. Even just for one inning would be the greatest thing ever.

f**k that. There's no way I want to risk our star QB to a potential arm injury just so he can pitch out of the pen for the Gs. Silly talk.

I was joking...
This is ridiculous. Why is it so hard to beat the Marlins at home.
Gotta swing at strikes there Belt
Wow, what a catch!
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Blanco now hitting .300
The losing streak is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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jesus f**king christ. finally
FINALLY. Good job Hector.
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Originally posted by itlynstalyn:
FINALLY. Good job Hector.

It's about time they beat the Marlins.
Originally posted by Garcia:
jesus f**king christ. finally

what i thought
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