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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

Home plate ump was bailed out today but Pagan's inside HR. Two horrible calls. Nice W for Giants and a game they really needed.

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The AT&T Park concession worker strike seems ridiculous. They work the equivalent of a McDonalds job, but its located in the nicest ballpark in baseball. Do they not realize it doesn't take any special skills to work that job? They could all be fired and easily replaced.
Just saw the highlights

Crazy win
That was such an amazing game. Started watching in the 6th inning...almost threw the remote in the bottom of the 8th after the 2nd bad call. Still can't believe the ending.
Holy s**t....I recorded it because my kid had baseball today. What an ending. That was awesome.. A walk off 2 run inside the park homer after the ump screwed us. Boch kept pressing until they tossed him to stand up for the club and they stood up in response.
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Flannery is fun to watch, he loves his job.
LOL freeze-frame Pagan for a second and he looks like stoney. I know someone else said it too

walk off was so sick! i can't stop watching the replay
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I came
I was in a bar and spilled my beer everywhere when that happened.

It doesn't get much more epic than that.
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