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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

Holy smokes, there's magic inside AT&T this afternoon.
Would have been interesting if it was a close call at home lol
Originally posted by SoCal9er:
Holy smokes, there's magic inside AT&T this afternoon.

Stupid umps almost cost the team the game.
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Did that really just happen!?
That gave me some major goosebumps. That was the play of the year I think.
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the rare walk off inside the park HR. f**king amazing.
"Inside-The-Park-HR Alley"
Wtf just happened
Originally posted by YungBird:
Wtf just happened

Amazing s**t man
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That was insane, so many people left in the top of the 10th when the Rox scored, idiots.
Epic call by kieper too...
Originally posted by notsoempty86:
Epic call by kieper too...

As always
It's Kuiper btw.
What a great ending. First Giants walkoff inside the parker since 1931.

The Giants rotation is faltering, but their incredible ability to come back from behind is making up for it.
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