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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

in a slump for sure it happens
Basura Caliente
What the hell is going on.
Originally posted by danimal:
well said. I agree with everything except for the Zack Wheeler part. Gents it is May of 2013 and Wheeler has contributed zero to the New York Mets. Speculation aside, the Giants actually received MLB production from Beltran

Yep. Great trade. Beltran gave us everything we wanted, we got draft picks in compensation, and we dont need a potential stud to come in and take Vogelsong or Zito or Lincecum's place next year. Oh wait..........
Originally posted by SportsFan:
What the hell is going on.

Nothing apparently.
Nice unproductive out
Uncle Joey .. woohooo
Great AB from crawford
[ Edited by DaManRathman on May 16, 2013 at 7:00 PM ]
Right back in it
Cain wants to win apparently

back within 1 run!
So far we aren't in embarrassment mode just yet.... putting up a fight at least.
That felt good!
Great comeback. Now lets keep the damn lead
classic Crawford, as many amazing plays as he has errors
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