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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

Yea this recent slide sucks. Especially when my bro-inlaw is a Big Time Padres fan.
get right giants......
I like Scooter but him lobbying to play on a day off and taking away AB's from Noonan annoys me a bit.
I just want a win for f**ks sake. Seems like we've forgot how to win close games.
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Torres f**ked with Zito's juju.

f**kin Torres

THIS. I still cannot believe that Brian Sabean thought a LF platoon of Blanco and Torres was good enough. Torres has been garbage his entire career other than 2010 and Blanco should be a 5th OF sub at best.

Torres does provide vet leadership and great defense and speed on the bases which we don't have enough of IMO.

That "great defense" wasnt so great last night. As for the vet leadership, we just won the WS with plenty of older leaders. He is a marginal major league player at best.

if we had someone better I would still be all for replacing him though, where art thou Peguero?

That is the problem. Giants have no one in the minors that are close to contributing. Peguero isnt the guy.

i know it sucks, Gary Brown needs to develop ASAP, and why don't you like Peguero?

Peguero has some nice tools but he has not shown he can hit enough to be a good major league player. No power. Some speed and pretty good defense but thats about it.
Scutaro has not squared up many pitches this season...and just like that we're about to go down 123 to Jason Marquis smh....
Torres has been s**tting the bed defensively in OF for a while. He gets into a lot of in between plays with Pagan.

Defense/SP has been killing us. We're still 13-11. Just need to get right.
Well we're losing early again.
f**k chase headley
I might have to DVR this and come back later...this team is just pissing me off right now. Time to get a workout in.

B Craw baby
Son of a....
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Son of a....

With a pitcher on deck.
f**k man...for years we had great starting pitching and Zito. Now we have Zito and s**tty starting pitching. Wtf
Marquis crying over every semi-close pitch not being called a strike.
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