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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

Originally posted by Muggins:
I think you guys need to sit down on a weight bench and have a beer.

seriously. they do know we've won 4 in a row right? lol relax
Chad Gaudin has been a pleasant surprise.
Last night felt like a typical Giants game where you knew as soon as Torres got on in the 9th, he was gonna score. It was just a matter of who was going to drive him in.

Now let's just hope Cain can get it rolling tonight, and I'm sure he will.
Holy s**t Cain you suck right now
Oy Cainer
Well.. just have to do the same as last night and come back from 2-0.
Geez, digging another hole in the 1st inning?
I hate Golds**t, but Cain...WTF?
Hmm..... maybe there will be some kind of emphasis to keep Timmy a few more years if Cain keeps this up.
Trade Cain for Kaepernick. I hear he has a 205 mph fastball.
Now Cain has lincecum disease
Let me guess, its super duper early in the season and he will be fine?
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