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2013 San Francisco Giants Thread

Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:

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Timmy suxors
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Oh jeezuz
R.I.P. Tim lincecum of the cy young days, your days of being an elite pitcher are long over. It's amazing how far this guy has fallen
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I think we need to make him a middle relief guy like we used him in the Playoffs.
man... just let this guy walk next year, we gonna potentionally lose lincecum,zito next year. bum and cain are a lock but we got decisions to make after the season.
This dude f**king sucks I'm sorry.

I wish we had someone to take his place.
How do you throw a WP to and then walk the opposing pitcher?
Oh look he only allowed 5 runs.

No wonder no one wants to catch this dude. He's f**king all over the place and he can't locate squat so the catcher really has no idea what's coming.
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Should have traded his ass in the offseason
Are they warming up anyone from the BP?
Originally posted by Garcia:
Should have traded his ass in the offseason

God I hope we can get something for his ass, hope there's a desperate team out there
Originally posted by Niners99:
Originally posted by vrabbit:
WTF are the Dodgers doing batting Uribe in front of Ethier

Doesnt it feel like Juan Uribe is still looking for his first hit as a Dodger? Hes been absolutely terrible since he signed there.

lol its all part of Ned Colletti's plan as an inside man for the Giants. Schmidt, Uribe, Velez, etc. its like theyre tanking in LA on purpose.

Velez set the Major League record for number of AB's in a season without a hit. 0 for 37.

Don't forget our best rated prospect Kyle Crick was the sandwich compensation pick for Ned Colleti "stealing Uribe" from the Giants
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