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NCAA bracketology/March Madness thread

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I had mizzou in my final 4
f**kING DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow lol Duke f**king sucks man. They are surprising me.
Butcher my bracket away, Lehigh! I don't give a fu***ck! #f**kDuke #TarHeelBlood
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Duke about to get bounced in the 1st round...

In a virtual home game too
Two #2 seeds lose to #15's in the same day.... unreal. LOL at Duke losing to Lehigh.
Duke too?!
know everybody's bracket is F'd
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My west bracket is jacked
My Boilers. Maiocco gonna be pissed. #GoPurdue #BoilerUP!/EyeOnCBB/status/180832681377013760

Eye on College BBall ‏ @EyeOnCBB Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open Purdue wins despite 15-2 run from SMC in the second half. Boilers have won 14 straight in opening game of tourney.
Wonder how many teams can stay they've won 14 straight opening games in the NCAA tourney.
half of my elite eight is out lulz... this is why I make it a point not to do money brackets
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lulz my bracket is turrible
bracket= f**ked
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