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English Super League Rugby... Hell YEAH!

Went to my first Stobart Super League game today (for those who don't know, there are two "codes" of international professional rugby, "League" and "Union"). Dayum... I am hooked! I have lived over in the UK for 10 years now. The town I live in has a team called the Warrington Wolves, who are actually really damned good. For 10 years, I have meant to get to a game but for whatever reason, never managed to.

Well this week, my daughter came home from school with a voucher for a free kids ticket and a half price adult ticket for the season opener against the London Broncos (formerly Harlequins Rugby League Club), so we went. I absolutely love it. The game is wicked fast and some of the hitting is mind blowing when you consider that there is absolutely NO protective equipment being worn. Any NFL fan would dig on this game. I loved it so much that after the game, I went in to see about getting a season ticket (which btw, is only about $300 for the whole season, including the playoffs). BTW, Warrington smacked them 50-10!
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^^ a little gay

I can assure you there was no gayness happening today... sheer violence...yes... gayness? Absolutely not! Besides... that gif is from the Australian league. Australians are mostly all gay... FACT!
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