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UFC 143 - Diaz vs Condit

Anyone gonna order this one?
Winner fights GSP.

Gonna be one hell of a f**kin match. Cannot wait.

i dont know who to root for, i've got a list of about 20 or so fighters i root for, and both of these guys are on it
I want Condit cause i hate Diaz.
But i want Diaz to win cause him and GSP will be a DAMN GOOD fight.
Can't wait for this fight, this has the potential of being FOTY. Both guys love to stand and bang, idk who's gonna win. Diaz is an a*****e but man he's impressed the hell out of me the last few years.
wont order lol

will watch fo' free doe. It'll be a good fight. GO DIAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't seen GSP in years.

I always root for the stockton gang.
I know the Diaz bros are dicks but I always root for them. Love their style of fighting and they're from the Bay Area.

I'm also a Condit fan. Great overall fighter.

It's gonna be a great fight.

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I'm gonna root for Condit, but I think Diaz will give Condit a fight hes never seen before. Condit will be busy looking for that opening to KO Diaz, but Diaz will keeping working looking to throw Condit's concentration off and game with his stingy jabs. Even though I'd love nothing more but to see Diaz getting KTFO, I just don't see it happening, Diaz by decision.

I hope Condit kicks the s**t out of Bigger Diaz.
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