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WZ Showdown!!! Lakers vs Warriors

I freaking love Nick Young. He's so fun to watch. He plays like he's so happy to be a Laker.
Klay Thompson still playing like absolute garbage
No Kobe, Gasol, Nash, Blake, or Farmar, and on the wrong side of 17-2 fast break points. HowTF is this a 4 point game? lol
That was one of the most horrid, disgustingly dysfunctional 3 minutes of NBA basketball I've ever watched.
Tonight is a beatdown instead of a showdown.
28 points over 2 quarters
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
28 points over 2 quarters

Scoring is over rated. lol
Why ya boy gotta get dirty on SwaggyP?
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Why ya boy gotta get dirty on SwaggyP?

I'm going to tweet this to Anthony Dixon for translation
Lakers finally brought in their scrubs to close this one out.

Actually, it was just one guy. lol
Not sure I have ever seen a team win by 19 and look so bad doing it. Warriors would have gotten smoked by a good team tonight.
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