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2011-2012 Sacramento Kings Thread

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Originally posted by 9erReign:
Originally posted by Muggins:
Jason Jones ‏@mr_jasonjones
Kings announce they have more corporate sponsors than they've had in their 27 years in Sacramento. I'll post the list of sponsors shortly

lol wtf

Well in the past they had a few big dollar sponsors. Now they have a lot of $1 sponsors including George Maloof's daughters lemonade stand.

Yep pretty much. The team should be a bit better this year though. It's just too bad we still have this huge dark Maloof cloud looming over us...

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Good interview with Cousins..

* On the Lakers' new Super Team:

"That's whatever. I don't care. Dwight, Andrew, same thing. That's something they have to work out. I couldn't care less about the Lakers."


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