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*** San Jose Sharks 2014 Off-Season Thread ***

damn, i haven't posted in a while.
Stalock deserves more starts, especially if niemi struggles even though he played well his last start.
What a performance from The Big Pavelski. He's been incredible.
Now that the season is over it's time to put my 100% focus on the Sharks
Pavelski leading team USA to a gold medal

but doesnt feel like it lol
Originally posted by ads_2006:

but doesnt feel like it lol

Any updates on hertl/cootch?
Positive thing to note, Taylor Doherty is finally getting his shot. About time -- he was a 2nd round pick. Got recalled from Worcester the other day:

The Big Pavelski is on absolute fire!
Sharks sign Marleau and Thornton to 3 year extensions. What you guys think?
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Sharks sign Marleau and Thornton to 3 year extensions. What you guys think?

Awesome move. That keeps two of the greatest Sharks (some may argue the greatest) of all time on this team for what they seem to be building for a great run at the Cup for the next several years. Keeps veterans that are still playing outstanding, while the other areas are infused with young talent. Even with the injuries, we have so much talent readily available, waiting in the wings, it hasn't fazed us.

On offense, we've got the youngsters Nieto, Hamilton, Hayes, Pelech and several others in Worcester who look capable like Tarasov. On defense, while Braun and Irwin shine, Doherty has finally made his way up and we've got some big-time prospects in Tennyson, Abeltshauser, and Mueller developing at the lower levels.

The salary cap goes up about $7 million next year, so that, plus the room that could be made if we get rid of Havlat, that should give us something nice to work with.
We may not not be 1st in the conference but for some reason I feel this is the best sharks team capable of finally getting over the hump. 2 major players in couture and Hertl out and yet still winning games and we still don't have Torres back. DW truly assembled a deep team, the talent is there to win the cup finally but the big time players must show up starting April. Hoping Hertl comes back in time for the playoffs, need all the offensive fire power for the likes of Chicago and LA the only 2 teams that I feel can stand in our way like they do time and time again.
I want Stalock to get more starts
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