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*** San Jose Sharks 2014 Off-Season Thread ***

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The new uniforms suck. They just made them more bland.

If they changed them again, what would you guys want to see? A nice vintage look would be nice, to me.

I liked the previous ones.

But if I had a preference a modern redesign of these.

That one on the left is the only version of the Sharks jersey I currently own, and I really loved those ones too.

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How is HP Pavilion holding up? I know it's about 22 years old and it seems like that's the timetable that teams would be searching for new arenas/stadiums. Is there any threat of this happening to the Sharks?

I have a 'friend' who works for the Sharks. She says their big thing is treating the stadium like you would a brand new car, keep it nice clean and shiny. I'm assuming that means the organizational feeling is they're content where they are.

HP Pavilion (Well now it's the SAP Center) is really nice. Right now they do a great job of keeping it that way. They probably don't plan to move anytime soon.
Here's the Sharks 2013 training camp roster:
sooo....who's going to a game this year?

2013-14 Season is underway!
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Tomas Hertl got a point off an assist on Joe Pavelski's goal tonight in the first period.
too soon

last year still hurts
Originally posted by ads_2006:
too soon

last year still hurts

I know.. we've all still not recovered, but with the pre-season games starting (and it does feel too soon), I had to get the thread made. We can just pin it and officialize it in a few weeks when the real games begin.
i miss the old thread.
Originally posted by pdizo916:
i miss the old thread.

Alright alright. I'll ask them to merge it and just bump the other one up... We'll keep it going as long as we can.
BUMP FOR THE START OF THE SEASON (well, pre-season at least)

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BUMP FOR THE START OF THE SEASON (well, pre-season at least)

Sharks beat Vancouver last night 3-2 in the first pre-season game. Today, 11 players got moved to Worcester -- will be awesome to see how some of these guys develop, some AHL rookies in their first season in the minors.

Konrad Abeltshauser D
JP Anderson G
Kyle Bigos D
Jimmy Bonneau LW
Riley Brace RW
Chris Crane RW
Dylan DeMelo D
James Livingston RW
Travis Oleksuk C
Sebastian Stalberg C
Marek Viedensky C

Abeltshauser is the one I'm most interested in seeing how he does.
Going to the game tonight
After actually seeing the jerseys on the players in a game.. Yuck. They're ugly. I hope we change them..
Rookie Freddie Hamilton scored tonight, Hertl scored last night. So far, they seem to be doing well. Oh yeah, and the jerseys still stink.
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