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*** San Jose Sharks 2014 Off-Season Thread ***

Time for another Miracle on Manchester
There's always sunday....
You gotta f**king be kidding

As soon as the announcer said "San Jose has just about killed this penalty" I had a terrible feeling.
The Sharks just can't get a break in LA
Need a f**king break.
Lucky bounce anything
Marleau really boast'd the bed in this series
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Burns is the only guy who wants to play physical. The only reason LA is winning this is because they're crushing the sharks on the fore check and neutral zone

wish galliardi had shut his mouth

anyways, sharks need to at least get one and dominate play here in this period to gain any momentum

the kings did that and it carried into this game.

This is by far the worst game the sharks played thus far in the series and the best the kings have played.
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Originally posted by ads_2006:
Originally posted by Garcia:
As much as we have been outplayed we are only down one

garce'd it

LOL, I've been getting that all game... having high hopes, only to get let down. That's the Sharks MO though, they love to let us down, and just like a battered victim, I come back for more
This is just awful. They're crushing our players and the only guy with anything to say about it is Burns.
Originally posted by ads_2006:
Marleau really boast'd the bed in this series

PP opp let's get one vack
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