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*** San Jose Sharks 2014 Off-Season Thread ***

Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
lol at the early whistle....

One of the worst whistles i have ever seen.

guess you missed the blown call for my blackhawks
Lol. Nice dive by Anze Louganis...uh, I mean Kopitar.
The early whistle was pretty weak, IMO...but it serves Quick right for his cheap ass shot at Wingels.
Big kill there, keep the momentum on the Sharks' side going into the 3rd period.
Sharks did get lucky with the quick whistle early in the period, but I feel like the Kings were given a semi make-up call with one of the penalties.
I don't like that the Sharks are backing off their play now. Kings are going to put one in here soon if they keep this up.

And just as I type this they take a dumb penalty.
not a good penalty by burns
lol Richards got burned by brents backside
I don't like how they have taken their foot off the pedal here. Reeks of prevent.
Hannan, do something man, damn

all momentum is with kings now

PK, followed by PP goal.
all momentum is with kings now

PK, followed by PP goal.
I hope these idiots realize there is still half a period left. Queens have all the momentum.
la Kings twitter feed
Just trying to hang on. Piss poor 3rd period by the Sharks.
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