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*** San Jose Sharks 2014 Off-Season Thread ***

Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
Looks like we're getting Schneider again which is surprising since luongo has prevented this whole series from being a complete laugher

They're rolling the dice with hopes that Schneider has one of those "rebounds after an atrocious outing" type of games, instead of going with Luongo who has been consistently good in the series really, with a number of big saves. He maybe gave up one goal that was slightly iffy, but aside from that I wouldn't blame him whatsoever for any of the Canucks losses.
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If we go up early I see a blow out with the idiots the Canucks have on the team, they'll start gooning it up putting us on the pp
let's go schnarkies.. i need something to keep my mind off yesterday's warrior debacle..
crybaby canuck players complaining about the refs and saying sharks trying to draw penalties. waaa waaa! excuses are pathetic
They're calling us cheaters and embellishers. lol, this coming from the dirtiest team in the league, no less.
anyone know a place i can watch the game online
I wanna see some handshakes tonight!!!!
Was that Burns? Nifty little deflection right there!

I smell a sweep
YESSSS!! Lets keep going!!!
Lol at Canucks in the penalty already, they going to get cheap all night
Dam Torres barley missed another

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