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*** San Jose Sharks 2014 Off-Season Thread ***

Woah, I thought Joe was going to come off that hurt for sure.

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Burish literally does nothing right. He managed to turn the puck over twice in the neutral zone on soft ass plays and than was lucky not to get a penalty called on him for slashing after the second turnover.
LOGAN with the snipe shot!


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What the s**t?!!!
Hahaha!!! What the hell is going on here!? 2 goals in 8 seconds!!!'
Holy s**t, Marleau!

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Canucks tonight and it won't be close.

sharks by 2

Originally posted by SportsFan:
Canucks lose tonight and it won't be close.


Niemi's positioning right now is absolutely flawless.
Nice cheap shot
I can't stand these dirty f**ks.
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