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*** San Jose Sharks 2014 Off-Season Thread ***

f**king b******t refs trying to keep the Canucks in the game
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
f**king b******t refs trying to keep the Canucks in the game

Man nemo looking like he did when he was with the Blackhawks tonight, he came to play.
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Sharks scrambling pretty badly right now, need to tighten things up here. Niemi on top of his game, thankfully.
I hate that rule. If they know Wingels was pushed into the goalie, then it should be a goal. At least they didn't call a penalty on Wingels.
Those are the type of penalties you take when you stop skating and working hard.
Ha! What a dumb ass. What was he thinking? lol
Lol so much for their PP. Lasted 4 seconds.
Nemo is in the zone tonight
Man, the Sharks have had 3 slam dunk goals that they haven't been able to convert. FINISH THEM!!!

Holy crap niemi
Kesler got away with murder on that shift and they call the retaliation shot. Can't get sucked in to those type of penalties. Can't really blame them though for wanting to take a shot at Kesler.
I hope someone slashes Kessler in head.
f**k Kessler , come on nemo one more to go and then we go back to the tank up 2-0
How did that goober manage to pull in that hot asian chick?
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