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*** San Jose Sharks 2014 Off-Season Thread ***

Canucks taking runs at players checking them hard into the boards. Fine, it's playoff hockey.

But when we come back with hits, like Marceau did, don't cry for penalties

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Right on cue from JT!
Originally posted by ads_2006:

I thought so too at first, but the replay shows JT got it.
f**king dirty ass canucks. Can't play so they have to resort to b***h tactics.
Payback for 2 years ago dumb Canucks LOL
Lots of things to like from that period. They did a nice job absorbing the initial 5 minute storm from the Canucks that we all knew was coming. After that, they really carried the play. I like how they are being disciplined in regards to the chippy play coming from the Canucks, not taking any stupid penalties in retaliation or frustration. I thought the D coverage was outstanding. They are really working the boards well, outnumbering them and winning a lot of the battles.

Only complaint is the PP. Would be nice to see them shape that up and make the Canucks pay for some of these penalties.

Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Originally posted by bayarealuv:
what channel this sharks game on?

Depends where you are. In Cali? CSN-CA. In Canada? TSN. Everywhere else it's on NBCSN (formerly known as "VERSUS").

found it thanks.. came on late for some reason on csn
MAN, JT gotta bury that one!

Nice save by Niemi!
great save
b******t he got pushed that's a goal
Originally posted by itlynstalyn:
b******t he got pushed that's a goal

Clear as day. What's the rule on that? Can they review it to determine he was pushed and allow the goal?
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