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*** San Jose Sharks 2014 Off-Season Thread ***

That was a quick 2-0 lead
Originally posted by OnTheClock:

AGAIN!!!!! It's still early.. but how awesome would it be to get him the Rocket Richard!?

Calling Marleau on fire would be an understatement!

Hell of a start to the season.
Wow what a freaking start!!
Every time I see 52 I keep thinking of Craig Rivet for some reason. Very Strange
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Damn this game is getting out of hand
what a bomb by irwin
This team looks focus.........
Me likey!

Missed the game because I had work. Marleau is the man!!
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Thornton and Marleau
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Originally posted by jrg:
Thornton and Marleau

Tarasenko doing work I saw.

But Marleau and Thornton have been redic.
thought the game was at 4:30

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