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*** San Jose Sharks 2014 Off-Season Thread ***

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Yeah, Ferriero has much more experience, both in the regular season and playoffs. Wingels just doesn't look quite ready yet. He has skill, but he's not very good defensively, in my opinion. Ferriero seems to have better chemistry with most of these guys, having played on lines with Desjardins, McGinn, and even Couture in Worcester.

BTW Kevin Kurz confirming Havlat will make his debut tomorrow.

I just saw on NHL Network too that Havlat is supposed to be in the line-up. Only question now is -- which line will he be on? The first or the second?






Personally, I like the idea of Pavelski playing SEPARATE from Thornton, and I think the second combination listed there gives the best scoring balance overall. It's basically the Clowe-Pavs-Seto line with Seto replaced. Grit + Great Passing + Great Skating. I like Pavs centering and taking faceoffs for the second line. If he's on the first, it really takes away one of his best qualities, and I just don't like him on the wing as much. He thrives at center.
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I'd prefer the second option as well. I know Couture and Clowe have good chemistry from last year, but we need Couture to heat up. The quickest way is putting him with JT and Marleau.

Also like you pointed out, Clowe/Pavs/Havlat could complement each other nicely.
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I also think our clear and glaring weakness is the third line. I don't know how much Shepp is going to help, but...

Whoever-Handsuz-Mitchell is a BIG step down from Mitchell-Pavelski-Wellwood.
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lets win tonight!
Havlat was used on a line with Logan Couture and Ryane Clowe in practice Thursday, so that should be where he starts Friday's game. Thornton, Marleau and Joe Pavelski remained the Sharks' top line.

UGH. STUPID idea if you ask me. Pavelski does NOT belong on the wing.
i have plenty of booze ready for tonight's game. let's hope i don't need it.
Horrible first period. This team drives me out of my freaking mind. Still a refusal to shoot the puck.

Entire first period felt like a PP for the Devils.
this team is so out of sync and the pp sucks so much
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Back to back goals! Dan roushanowski is goin nuts on the radio lol

just like that we can score 2 quick goals
I have yet to see what Burns does to actually help our DEFENSIVE play. I know he can shoot. That hasn't helped us prevent the other teams from scoring on us..

^ Was trying to post this earlier. Forum was jacked up.

NOW, I'm glad to see the Sharks SKATING and playing HARD, TOUGH, HOCKEY. THIS is how we need to play all game. I hope soon we see the 60-minute Sharks consistently. Was so tired of seeing the 40-minute or 20-minute Sharks so much last year.
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