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SEC Thread

Originally posted by eonblue:
Bold 1: Agree completely.
Bold 2: Disagree completely. OSU has faltered against a weak schedule, and you want to tell me they would go undefeated vs Bama, Auburn, South Carolina, TAMU, LSU, and Ole Miss. Nope. They would eat Meyers lunch. Stanford stumbled when it matter and their supposed to see the course against a grueling SEC schedule? Nope. Oregon last year maybe. Oregon this year not so much. It wouldn't take long for the coordinators of the top programs to figure that offense out either.

Maybe after they we're in the conference a couple of years and adjusted to the style of play. Although you're point was anything can happen because Auburn had the tipped pass that is hardly a point at all because it's an oddity not a rule. What has happened with Auburn the past 2 weeks is nothing short of miraculously boneheaded play on a safety and special teams, and for as long as I have watched SEC football that's the first time I have ever seen anything like that.

But you did so could not would which is a lot like saying nothing at all so of course anything is possible.

Bold 3: Agreed. The mid to high level SEC programs are as good as the top Big 12 programs.

Bold 4: Agreed. I think Johnny Footballs notoriety plays a part in that although if you look at their losses. @LSU, @Mizzou, Bama@, Auburn@. They easily have the most excusable 4 loss season with 3 of those teams 11-1 and ranked in the top 3. Come on now they don't have the worst defense but it is pretty awful.

On #2 - I'm not saying the teams WOULD, I said COULD. Just like Auburn essentially got lucky to be where they are at. The ball bounces one way and a loss turns into a win.

On #4, yeah they don't have the worst but I remember seeing a stat that its the worst defense for a ranked team in the last 20 years. They do have "good" losses, but this isn't college basketball.

what a play by Auburn, lol
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:

what a play by Auburn, lol

Unbelievable throw.
this game is fun to watch so far, good football
wow, not a catch
That guy is a future #1 NFL WR
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
wow, not a catch

oh s**t you're right

got away with one there
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
wow, not a catch

told you

well this is gonna be a wild game
This game gonna be crazy
Awesome so far.............. fun to watch
HOLY s**t!!!!!

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