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College Football 2011 Thread


Need to update thread title

SJSU can clinch bowl eligibility with a W next week! Lol
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Alabama down 20 after the 1st. Please based God say they lose!!! I know they probably wont, but I would enjoy nothing more than to see Alabama getting knocked out of the Championship game.

And yeah and wtf 2011?
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lol upset doe
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Originally posted by okdkid:
Devonte Neal, ATH from Arizona does not show for his own announcement at at Phoenix-area elementary school.

600 kids were pulled out of class for what was to be a 10 min announcement. They waited for 90 minutes before the principal pulled the plug.

Teachers and journalists ripping Devonte Neal on camera. Teacher: "I hope these kids learn to never be like Devonte Neal."

Rumor is that he wants to go to Arizona, father wants him to go to Notre Dame. Evidently an entire year and 3 weeks past signing day was not enough time. People are holding out hope that it was a medical emergency, so Devonte doesn't look like a complete loser. We'll see.

He announced he is going to Notre Dame (after ditching the announcement)

The funny thing is Arizona hired his football coach and gave a scholly to his best friend (whose only other D1 offer was from Northern Iowa).

Now I know that kind of stuff happens (like ASU recruiting Goodman's twin brother), but you gotta at least get the kid, lol.

lol this kid ended up transferring to Arizona
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Report: Johnny Manziel under NCAA investigation for accepting money for his autograph.
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