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Toughest division in sports imo. But I like these O's. Got three of them on my roto team: Vlad, Markakis, and Wieters.

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Originally posted by 49erFaithful6:
Toughest division in sports imo. But I like these O's. Got three of them on my roto team: Vlad, Markakis, and Wieters.

I dont agree, the Rays suck this year and the Blue Jays are average at best
Looking to go 5-0 today vs. Detroit. Bergersen vs. Verlander
Originally posted by OregonDuckNiner:
Originally posted by Fincham11:
Originally posted by matt49er:
Originally posted by Fincham11:
4-0 baby!!!!

hell yeah! wtf is going on with bs injuries/sickness to the starting pitchers though man?

matusz-hit by liner in simulated game vs his own team
and i forget who but another one of our arms got hit w/a liner and had to push back a start....worst luck ever for a 4-0 team.

I know i just read about Gutherie with the pneumonia. Probably, cuz of this crazy ass weather on the east coast, cold one day, nice as s**t the next. Gutherie looks like he's going to have a great year.

I'm excited also about Britton. He looked good sunday. O's got tomorrow off so that will give a little time to get healed up.

I don't like Guthrie, they always say he's gonna break out this year and has some crazy good games, but he's just way too inconsistent. I think Matsuz is gonna have a big year though, he was really good towards the end of the year last year

why no love for Gutherie? He's very solid, although not a true ace he's a good #2 and would make a great #3. Gutherie never gets any run support and the last 2 years has posted a solid ERA. I agree Matsuz is a beast they say he will be out at least 2 more weeks I just hope we can continue to play good baseball until he gets back.
Originally posted by Fincham11:
Looking to go 5-0 today vs. Detroit. Bergersen vs. Verlander

this matchup makes me nervous. Bergersen is up and down and struggled in ST. I'm going to tomorrows game so I'm praying we win so the yard's excitement will be as high as possible.

Anybody know who's pitching tomorrow? Tillman?

great article on the O's this year:

my favorite part of the article:

four pitchers 25 or younger in their rotation: Jake Arrieta, 25; Brian Matusz, currently on the shelf with an intercostal strain, 24; Zach Britton, 23; and Chris Tillman, 22.

WOW! Imagine if all 4 of those guys pan out man! I think Matusz and Britton can be stars. Tillman and Arrieta look more like middle rotation guys with a chance to be stars.

Read more:
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Luke Scott available to pinch hit tonight!
Chris Tillman is pitching tomorrow against Brad Penny.
We might have lost tonight, but the Rays and Red Sox both lost. Sox are stinkin' up the joint so far. I LOVE IT.
Jeremy Gutherie to get the start tomorrow in the series finale with Texas.

went to the Det Thursday at Camden's sad how few fans are coming out to watch this team. A few O's legends were signing autographs before the game including Boog Powell who is a complete ass. great game our offense really showed their potential that game.

today's game is really frustrating seems like we've stranded a runner every inning and once again gave Gutherie 0 runs and no chance at the win. Great return for Gutherie, going 6 innings vs this team, giving up 1 run on just 2 hits.
here we go Yanks-O's for 1st place in the AL East! Mow em down Tillman!

Any Yankees fans in the house? I have wondered for the last cpl years why Robinson Cano is all the way down in the 5 hole. One of the best hitters in beaseball should hit in the top 4 IMO. Probably because they are paying A-Rod and Teixera so much $ they don't want to admit Cano is better than both of them.
Matt, around where do you live? I'm also about 45 min. from Camden.
Originally posted by Janitor:
Matt, around where do you live? I'm also about 45 min. from Camden.

I'm from Elkton MD, now I live in Smyrna DE which is about 1 hour 15 mins from Camden. I'm just used to saying i'm 45 mins from Baltimore I guess having lived there my whole life. I'm going to at least 20 games this season, we should get up and have a beer and maybe catch a game sometime man.
looks like this team is finally showing it's true colors. Being carried by pitching early considering how young our pitching is was probably bound to crash at some point. Now we just have to hold out hope that Matusz can come back soon and dominate immediately. If the O's are going to contend Britton/Gutherie and Matusz have to carry this staff.

Buck needs to realize that Luke Scott blows. He was the best hitter on a s**t O's team last year while Roberts was hurt. Weiters tore it up every game he batted 5th this season and has sucked in the 8th spot. Felix Pie was a monster in LF while Scott was hurt, the switch needs to be made. Maybe some team is desperate enough for hitting that we can get a back of the rotation starter or quality reliever for him.
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