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Jim Harbaugh Thread - U of M Coach as of 12/30/14

I don't think we change up how we play much but I think we will call smarter run plays to open up Gore more (less jumbo and more less obvious run formations). I also think we make an effort to get VD more involved.

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I believe in the Great Pumpkin and Harbaugh's Great Big Pop-Up Book of Secret Plays.
No. We just aren't that explosive on offense. But we are getting better. Never thought Crab would turn out this well. LOL. The switch to Kaep has been great for him.
Why do we let posters with a total of less than 200 posts start new threads (new = stupid)?
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dumb thread
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I think the only thing Jim is holding back is his wardrobe
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Originally posted by billbird2111:
Why do we let posters with a total of less than 200 posts start new threads (new = stupid)?

He may have a few posts but he joined in 2008. I wouldn't call that new. Just doesn't post 30 times a day.
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It's wishful thinking BUT I'm wishing hey have more than a few surprises for us.

Still, we do have a lot of talent and it can open up more possibilities than we've seen.
Some of us have been coming here for years as "lurkers", but life got in the way of joining the Zone and previously there were snafus in getting a response in the registering process. Why are "new" posters any less credible than "veteran" posters? I've seen bad posts from all kinds of different posters with varying levels of Zone experience. I don't feel the need to post dozens of times a day because I have other obligations and often times excessive posting doesn't contribute to anything other than raising one's number of posts.

NFL coaches want to stay employed and failed trick plays are a good way of drawing unwanted criticism to them. It is best for them to run a standard play and if it fails the critics will complain about the players involved instead of the coaches.

That first-play pass at Seattle...does anyone think Gore up the middle against a good and frenzied defense would have been successful? Many do and blame JH for taking that chance. Over time, coaches tend to do things that are "accepted" rather than to expose themselves to criticism.

That failed pitch play deep in the end zone...that well could have been successful, but they won't try it again. Next time it will be a battered Gore up the middle or a throw out of bounds and a punt.

Personally, I like the chances JH takes now and then, but clearly many do not.

BTW, not sure that having a clique of posters leads to more interesting threads. Mods should be like coaches, putting the best threads out there and not just playing the same vets out of loyalty or familiarity.
I have to believe Harbaugh and Roman have something up their sleeves for the playoffs, what that is I do not know. It seems as if we did not do as many trick plays this year as we did last year, even though we did pull off a few over the course of this season. I don't believe the 49ers have played their best football yet, and I think they are capable of getting better for this playoff run. There are not too many opportunities which come along for teams year after year, the 49ers have a window now, and we don't know yet how big that window is, for now it is only as big as this year. Perhaps they've been saving some things for the right time or right time of year. I hope so, no better time than this time of year to break the WWL/T pattern.
I don't know how most Niner fans truly feel - but I wish Harbaugh would have had Alex Smith finish the season. Especially after what happened last week against Seattle and what happened for the 1st qt yesterday against the Cardinals. I am not a Kaep hater, I believe he is going to excel Smith once both careers are over. However, I believe that the 49ers best chances to win the Super Bowl this year is with Smith as the starting QB.

So in saying all of that, my point is that unless the Niners go and win the superbowl - I think everybody will 2nd guess Harbaughs decision. Everybody would say what if Alex was in there would they have won?

I hope this won't be the case but if the Niners fail to win it all this year, Harbaugh will have a huge target on his back and only a superbowl thereafter would maybe rid that target.
sucks for you that you got benched.
Yea, like no one was going to complain if we didn't make it to the super bowl with Alex Smith. The goal is the same, regardless of who is at qb.
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