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Jim Harbaugh Thread - U of M Coach as of 12/30/14

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This is like an emoticon story!
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I wonder what Jim Harbaugh is up to during Camp Alex II?
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The lockout killed my buzz. No OTA's or mini camps with the new coaching staff will equal no chemistry with the players.
God I miss the excitement of the days leading up to his hiring. All of the rumors, all of the false hiring reports. Good times. I remember reading about how he was just hired to Miami and the feeling I had, like all the weight on my body was pulling me to the floor in defeat. Then like an hour later, boom, JAY KAY EVERYONE LOL

It was funny too because I watched twitter all day everyday trying to figure out if we got him or not. 24/7 thing. Then one day I decided to take a quick nap and got a text from my Chicago Bears fan, "Hey you guys got him congrats" The ONE TIME I decide to sleep is when we get him. Still, great day.

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What's your deal will be highly anticipated in mynhousehold

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Originally posted by Harbaugh52:
Originally posted by Harbaugh52:

I'm still jacked.
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