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Jim Harbaugh Thread - U of M Coach as of 12/30/14

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if this report is accurate jed york is trying to return this organization to the !@#$ hole. i knew something was up when jim harbaugh STILL hasn't received his extension.
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Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Originally posted by kap2crab:


Dont believe it one bit, especially if florio is reporting it

Didn't they make it where teams can't trade for coaches anymore?
Florio is a joke
Originally posted by Ballistic:
Florio is a joke

Could be -- but I'm surprised the team hasn't made a statement yet to refute this.
Everyone tweet York about this and see if we get a response. I think it is BS but if it is true then I would have trouble staying a 49ers fan. What more do you want to a coach to do. He should have a 8 year extension by now and shouldnt be traded away. I wouldnt have done that deal for any number of first rounders.
If we don't get the Harbaugh extension done before the summer is over.
wow this is just some weird news.
if its true probably it means Jim will leave in a few year. :(
And here comes the talk about the Baalke/Harbaugh disagreements.
I'm f**king shocked off my ass... i mean god damn... 3 straight NFC championship games and 1 SB apperenace and you wanna trade him away? WTMF?
Even in the offseason Florio has to talk dumb s**t about our team.

Ian Rapoport:

In response to report on #Browns nearly trading for Jim Harbaugh, #Niners source calls it "completely false. Ridiculous."
After thinking about this for a minute -- there's just no way it could be true.

The 49ers are spending major bucks to build a new stadium in Santa Clara and they are charging premium buckage to fill it. Fans with deep pockets will pay premium buckage to watch a good team. But they're not going to shell out that kind of dinero for some dysfunctional outfit that traded its most successful head coach since Bill Walsh for three lousy first round draft picks.

Al Davis pulled crazy stunts like this. But we all know -- now that is -- that Al was batshyte crazy during his final years at the franchise helm.

Successful teams don't do this. And I sure hope the 49ers refute this as quickly as possible. Because, as a fan, this does worry me.

And then once it's been disproven, I want to see Florio strung up from the nearest tree.
I'm not buying it.

We're three good seasons removed from a decade of suckitude. And oh yeah, that Harbaugh guy has coached the team for 3 seasons.

How could this idea even be considered?!
my guess is that the browns tried to make it happen, we denied it and saying "it almost happened" is probably just exaggerating
Originally posted by TheRatMan13:
And here comes the talk about the Baalke/Harbaugh disagreements.

Oh, there's already been some crap thrown up on the Pro Football Talk website about "all of Baalke's draft failures."

Yeah, like Iupati, Davis, Kaep, Smith -- those guys.

What crap.
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