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Jim Harbaugh Thread - U of M Coach as of 12/30/14

Thats a great clip
Glad to see theyre enjoying themselves!!

Its like one big happy family, a band of brothers who are going to war who will have each others back no matter what. Fighting for the Niner Empire. DO US PROUD BOYS!!!
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Thank you, I was wondering what they were all laughing at in that picture of this.
Man I love my 49ers. These two weeks have been so awesome! Loving that they are like family. Thanks for the vid.
I feel kinda bad for Alex. I know hes made millions, but he never really got a fair shot at being successful. Just when he finally got a coach and OC he could settle in with, Kap comes forward and takes his job.

Im happy, since it might very well have led to a SB win, but its sad to see him with this team/family of players and knowing this will be his final game as a 49er. I wish he could stay as backup, but thats not realistic. I really hope he gets some 4th quarter blowout snaps. 35-7 Niners, 6 mins left, Alex comes in and gets to kneel out the SB for his final play as a Niner.
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This team is the one who will bring six home!
Even Akers cracked a laugh....dude's gotta loosen up
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Hilarious! love it...awesome team!
Absolutely love this--this is a team. I feel confident that they are ready to defend each other on the field of battle.
hahahaha that's awesome
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Freagin love it!!
that was awesome
They love, laugh, and have fun as a family, and they will WIN as a family. Ray Lewis and the Ravens be dammed, this SB is OURS motherf**kers!

Go 9ers baby!!!!