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Jim Harbaugh Thread - U of M Coach as of 12/30/14

Thats a great clip
Glad to see theyre enjoying themselves!!

Its like one big happy family, a band of brothers who are going to war who will have each others back no matter what. Fighting for the Niner Empire. DO US PROUD BOYS!!!
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Thank you, I was wondering what they were all laughing at in that picture of this.
Man I love my 49ers. These two weeks have been so awesome! Loving that they are like family. Thanks for the vid.
I feel kinda bad for Alex. I know hes made millions, but he never really got a fair shot at being successful. Just when he finally got a coach and OC he could settle in with, Kap comes forward and takes his job.

Im happy, since it might very well have led to a SB win, but its sad to see him with this team/family of players and knowing this will be his final game as a 49er. I wish he could stay as backup, but thats not realistic. I really hope he gets some 4th quarter blowout snaps. 35-7 Niners, 6 mins left, Alex comes in and gets to kneel out the SB for his final play as a Niner.
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This team is the one who will bring six home!
Even Akers cracked a laugh....dude's gotta loosen up
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Hilarious! love it...awesome team!
Absolutely love this--this is a team. I feel confident that they are ready to defend each other on the field of battle.

hahahaha that's awesome
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Freagin love it!!
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that was awesome
They love, laugh, and have fun as a family, and they will WIN as a family. Ray Lewis and the Ravens be dammed, this SB is OURS motherf**kers!

Go 9ers baby!!!!
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