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Jimmer Fredette

Originally posted by lamontb:
Originally posted by crzy:
I hope this guy dominates in the NBA because the league needs more white American superstars.

I know that's not the PC thing to say, but Larry Bird said it a few years ago and I agree with him.

Just from a marketing standpoint.

i doubt he dominates but the league does need more white superstars. gotta get Kevin Love out of Minnesota

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Originally posted by E-49er:
Originally posted by j3xperience:
Sullinger from OSU is playing like the top pick in next years draft as well as the AP Player of the year or whatever the award is.

Fredette is good but I dont know if his game will work in the next level. He is very similiar to Steph Curry, but not as good as a passer. I see him at best as a very good 6th man or 4th option starter but I honestly dont see him as a superstar at the next level. Good story though.

Fredette and BYU get all the hype on ESPN because.... shocker,BYU signed a huge deal with ESPN. ESPN wants to hype BYU and Fredette up as much as possible because they have alot invested in them. I really don't think Fredette is going to be anything special in the pros. He will be another JJ Reddick, Bobby Hurley, Adam Morrison, etc.

It's got nothing to do with him being the leading scorer in the nation... No reason to hype him up. Why should espn talk about the leading scorer in all of College BB? That would be too much common sense. And seeing how its College Basketball he's playing, not NBA, maybe they shouldn't talk about College at all.
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