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Who is you Favorite College Football Team?

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Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Originally posted by Paul:


Bowl Win
Originally posted by OregonDuckNiner:
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
hmmm..... I'm really torn between Utah State and Miami of Ohio

both are solid solid programs

No one likes those Pac-12 teams anyways

btw sundevil you know anything about recruiting? Oregon just locked up DeAnthony Thomas

Talk about being stacked at the RB position, easily the best backfield in the country.

LaMike, Barner, Lache Seastrunk (Next Reggie Bush in NCAA football, no joke) NOW DeAnthony Thomas

I'm leaving out a few really good running backs like RS Freshman Dontae Williams and the new comer Tra Carson. Who are we going to hand the ball off to?!?!?

Yeah I follow recruiting every year pretty closely. DeAnthony Thomas is legit, but I heard his academics are questionable (as far as getting in).

Our big recruit is Michael Eubank, QB. He gets compared to Cam Newton, but nobody recruited him. We were the first major school to recruit him, and even that wasn't until like December. So I'm not sure what to expect. IMO the true recruiting measure isn't stars/ratings but how many top schools go after them.

Our class is pretty terrible though. Only had like 13-14 schollies available and a lot of people de-committed from us through out the year. Need to get some W's to get the recruiting going again.

O-H-I-O Let's GO BUCKS!!!

...but until 2008 (when I started going to school at OSU) I was a UCLA fan (my brother went there). As a conference, I like the Pac-10/12 much better than the Big 10.
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The Wyoming Cowboys...

But since they are only decent once every five years, I root for the underdogs unless it's a team I hate.
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Cal Bears because I went there. Great recruiting '11 class
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Mneh. Unless you're an alumnus of that school I don't why you should have a favorite school [shrug]
its all about the U
I really don't have a favorite team. I'm from VA, so I follow the ACC more often than others.

I'm a Bears and will always be a Bears

That's all I gotta say.

Craziest college football stadium in the nation. I know people who have been to the swamp and other SEC stadiums and they have said Autzen was by far the most electric.

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Originally posted by teeohh:

I'm a Bears and will always be a Bears

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