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The clASSless Eddie House

After yesterday's Heat/Thunder Game, I'm convinced that Eddie House is nothing more than a "flat-billed gangster punk" in the words of Pat Jones.

After hitting a 3 pointer with a few seconds left to give the Heat the lead, House ran down the court displaying the maturity of a 9 year old. As he jumped up and down he held his fake pair of giant go-nads (picture a grown man bent over, jumping around like a monkey holding a baby in each arm), screaming what looked like "Yea mother fu#*er!! Im the sh!t!! Look at my big fu^*in balls!!"

Way to go Eddie.

I live in OKC, and yes, I'm a Thunder fan. But before we got the franchise, I was (and still am) a Heat fan. I don't mean the new Heat (Heatles?). I mean the old Heat. Hardaway, Marjle, Mashburn, Leonard, Zo, Brown. I still like 'em. But I wouldn't mind if House got caught with and suspended for performance enhancers

Yesterday's game lived up to all the hype. The flashy, smooth Heat vs the young tough-as-nails Thunder. But c'mon Mr. House, act like you've made a shot before. Besides, they're not really THAT big, are they? Douche bag.
You're upset because Eddie House re-enacted a scene from Major League 2? So upset that it's thread worthy? Really?

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and this needed its own thread......
You knew it was coming..

Originally posted by fortyninerglory:
You knew it was coming..

If that bothered you do yourself a favor and dont ever watch a nuggets game
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yeah i've always hated that guy.

Free thread..

Originally posted by fortyninerglory:
Free thread..

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