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High School Football (Folsom vs Grant)

Anybody interested in High school Football in the Sacramento area? Folsom (where I went) is playing Grant for the San Joaquin section title.

QB for folsom, Dano Graves, is a family friend, along woth his brother David who is now on a scholarship at Hawaii.

His stats are crazy...

55 passing tds
18 Rushing tds
3 picks
qb rating of 140!

and he came out of a ton of games early. Folsom was up 75-0 at HALFTIME in a playoff game against Vacaville.

Bummer is that dano is only 5-9

anyway, wondering if anybody else cared.
There is a game on CSNBA tonight too: steve bono's son is QB for Palo Alto vs. Valley Christian.
Yeah, this game was huge in Sac. Grant dominates the Sac area... Seems like everyone is a Grant fan. Dano Graves is sick. Too bad he is small or he would be going to a big time college. 59 TDs to 4 ints all year? And he can run...

Hopefully Folsom does something in Carson.
Folsom with the upset. Wow. Watched the 2nd half. Graves had a nasty 64 yard run.
When I graduated from Folsom in 2004 we had a terrible football program. God Awful. Its very cool to see these kids doing well. All the kids they interviewed after the game are my brothers friends, and the head coach (richardson) was my elementary school PE teacher.
How about Folsom about to win the state championship. 48-7 with 8 minutes left in the third.

This team is breaking some big state records and Jake Browning is breaking national passing records.
How both teams in Folsom play?
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