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***2017-18 NHL Regular Season Thread***

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what channel are hockey games usually on....i try getting into it every year, but forget to check when games are on and then i only watch during playoffs

Versus has games every Monday and Tuesday Nights @ 7:30 EST, NHL Network usually has 3-4 games a week, other than that regional channels like Fox Sports carries a lot of hockey games, I watch probably 80% of all Stars games on Fox Sports Southwest

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The Blackhawks and Penguins skyrocket up the charts, but as the Blue Jackets found out this past weekend, the Red Wings are still the best.

Let's see how it all plays out in this week's edition of the Power Rankings.

Stars moved up 5 spots, need another win against Carolina tonight
stars get a nice 4-1 won on the road over the 'Canes, they have now won 4 in a row and have sole possession of the pacific division lead!!

Stars win, Mavs win, 49ers win...... Is this a dream? What a great birthday!
Pacific Division leading Dallas Stars (14-8-1) will try to make it 5 wins in a row as they host the NHL leading Washington Capitals (18-6-2) to Dallas tonight. The Stars have a good chance to see where they match up with one of the best teams in the NHL. A win tonight would build team confidence as well as some respect amongst the league and fans.

Can't wait for this game tonight, Go Stars!!

Mike Ribeiro extended his point streak to 5 games (2 goals, 3 assists) when he scored a Power Play goal in the 2nd period, and Brandon Segal nets the game winner midway through the 3rd period as the Stars made it 5 wins in a row as they beat the NHL's best team the Washington Capitals 2-1.

Raycroft was outstanding in net as he made 37 saves and kept the dangerous Capitals off the board until the 3rd period. Nice statement game by the Stars who are 7-1-1 in their last 9 games, and 7-0-1 in their last 8 at American Airlines Center.

Power Rankings: Wings stay put; Stars, B's move

Another week brought more of the same from the red-hot Pittsburgh Penguins and equally hot Detroit Red Wings. Is it too early to start thinking of a third Stanley Cup finals matchup in four seasons?

In other news, Dallas is making believers of us, while the Columbus Blue Jackets have turned positively pumpkinlike. Read on, fearless puckheads, and weep if you must!

STARS AT 7! Keep the streak going...
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Another week, Another NHL Power Ranking update

Stars are 5th!

Also, great win for the Stars against the Red Wings on sunday, awesome come from behind win!

so anyone else voting? Here is the Ballot Ive been voting for mainly (non-homer ballot)

Sidney Crosby
Brad Richards
Steve Stamkos

Dustin Byufglin
John Michael Liles

Tim Thomas Vote There!

ESPN NHL Power Rankings
w/ this new All-Star game stuff
The west is crazy close, even with Dallas in the lead for the Pacific for what seems like awhile, still one losing streak away from being out of playoffs.

Sorry Sharks fans, don't think you guys are going to make it.
The West is very tight once again this season, but you gotta love how well the Stars have been playing, people keep expecting them to fall back down the standings, but they just keep winning. 57 points in 44 games is no fluke. I will admit they are even suprising me with their play, I thought they would be better than most people thought they would be, but I didnt think they would be this solid.
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