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***2017-18 NHL Regular Season Thread***

Originally posted by Knowledge:
this Wild vs Blues game is crazy



Wore these during warmups

Also, Stan Musials grandson dropped the puck

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Originally posted by jrg:
Hell of a game man. Got scared at the end. Thankfully that 6 on 4 wasn't too long for the Blues.


4-1 on the year now

oh damn, didn't know you guys were posting during the game, haha.

Yeah, Stars have no depth. Jamie Benn comes back Monday and should help a bit, but all our youngsters in the program are still 1-3 years away.
New Power Rankings

Blues go 5-1 and drop a spot. At least they defend themselves on why lol

Have a feeling they might be ranked first overall next week. My pick to come out of the West to go to the Cup finals, the Blues have done nothing to disappoint in that regard. They are so deep up front, it's scary. Chris Stewart has four goals on the young season while playing on the third line. Deep!
3-0 Blues and 1st period

6-1 on the season

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f**king kings bloing it in the shootout. Exciting shootout match but f**k me. 2-2-2 Better get this s**t together.
Kings proving that last year was a fluke.
f**k the kings
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Originally posted by jrg:

6-1 on the season

7-0 > 6-1
Originally posted by Garcia:
Originally posted by jrg:

6-1 on the season

7-0 > 6-1

wouldn't be undefeated if you played us

Landeskog to the IR

Im ready to just say tank the season and hope to draft Nathan Mackinnon
3 straight goals for the Blues!
jesus christ refs

go ahead and hand the redwings this game

blues are lucky theyre only down 1 with this s**t...its one BS call after the other

major penalty for a clean hit
Redwings can SMK
Even Detroit announcers don't know what is going on


Our captain kicked out for THAT
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