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**OFFICIAL Sacramento Kings 2010-2011 Season Thread**

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I dont like West for us. Next to cousins we probably need a rebounder, shotblocker, defender type of player. West is a little undersized for the spot and just another scorer IMO. Want to see us make a run at Chandler or Gasol.

I like the idea someone else had. Make a big offer and run up the price for Jordan. LAC will either let him walk or they will match and most likely end up using their amnesty on Kaman. I would love to have either of those guys, although Kaman's injuries the last couple of seasons are troubling.

thats a good idea, get a player we can use and screw a division rival in the process

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No. But they are busy arguing about how Power Bracelets are fake. I go everywhere.. including KF, Sactown Royalty, Real GM etc.

I used to post at the KIngs EZboard page back in 2001.

Ha. I saw that, and then it turned into debate on alternative medicine. WillistheWall inadvertently started it by talking about his bracelet.

Lol, they were. I think they are fake and ghey.
I hope the Directv NBA league pass is half price, other wise eff that. Love the Kings but will not be paying full price for half a season.
Thornton and Chandler would be great
Kings signed Chuck Hayes according to Stein. Meh. In other news, you guys see the new black jerseys? Pretty cool.
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