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2012 PAC 12 Champion Stanford Cardinal Football/ Rose Bowl Thread

Feed Franklin!!!!
That was west coast version of amir

What a battle!

Rose Bowl Bound!
f**kin A!

And LMAO at Amir with the rose!
Lol at Jim Mora. "How did that happen? HOW THE f**k DID THAT HAPPEN!!??!!???"
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
f**kin A!

And LMAO at Amir french kissing the rose!

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Stewart Mandel ‏@slmandel

Stanford year before Harbaugh: 1-11. Stanford the past 3 years: 12-1, 11-2, 11-2.
im a bruins fan...congrats

I went to HS with a kid on the team
So it's Stanford - Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Should be a good game.

Wisconsin rolled up 539 rushing yards against Nebraska.
I was hoping it would've been Nebraska.

Go Cardinal
What a catch by Patterson
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