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Here's your answer once and for all...Vitali Klitschko vs. Brock Lesnar

Vitali was a professional kickboxer, holds the highest KO% at 95% in the HW boxing ranks, only 2 losses (and both were questionable), at 6'8, 250 his reach vs. Brock would be ridiculous. He also has a PHD in sports science so he would know exactly how to prepare for an MMA match.

Anyway...because of all these credentials I say Vitali clips Brock 4 times out of 10 MMA matches and he destroys Brock 10 times out of 10 boxing matches.

The boxer defeats the MMA fighter 14-6 :P

yes but you are taking somebody who transitioned from one type of fighting to another, which in turn makes him MMA. he has more than a basic knowledge of another type of fighting, if you catch my meaning.

where as if you manny pac or mayweather and let them train a few months to counter takedowns and what not, while the MMA guy trains to box a little.

a quick knockout artist would stand a chance, tyson in his prime( as mentioned earlier). but a points guy like mayweather is going to lose

the boxer is going to be able to land 1 maybe 2 clean blows, does he make them count, can the MMA guy take them and keep his wits enough to finish the shoot? once it is on the ground the boxer will lose 99 out of 100 times.