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College Football 2010-2011

Originally posted by chico49erfan:
Pick by Davis... too bad because Southern Miss was rolling. For some reason I really can't stand South Carolina.

i lived in columbia for 2 yrs and i always rooted against them while my friends who go and went to south carolina cheered for them. i dont like them either
Originally posted by KRS-1:
Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:
Wow, Dave Wandstat you f**king pu**y. Way to pi*s away a possession right before half. Sends a great message to your team that already lost momentum.

Yeah, seriously. Sunseri was looking at the sidelines waiting for the playcall and I am watching the clock dwindle down going WTF are you doing ???????

They should have kept trying to move the ball with 40 some seconds left an at least try for a 3.

40 seconds? IIRC, they got the INT touchback with 1:37 left in the 1st half, and tightened up, all conservative-stye. Then did what you mentioned. I gots money on this, man!
OMG, Wandstadt does it AGAIN, this time with the game on the line. Goes for a tie, with an extra down. (run play instead of a pass to the endzone) what a 1st class vag!

1st OT game of the season?
usc game not on tv?
Originally posted by teeohh:
usc game not on tv?

website says its on ESPN

OT game on Versus, Pitt at Utah
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loving the Utah vs Pitt game. and the over time rules. on VS. channel 81 on comcast.
If I were playing for Dave Wandstadt, not only would I be pi**ed with his gutlessness, I'd transfer ASAP.
Did pitt have a possession in OT yet?
Originally posted by global_nomad:
Did pitt have a possession in OT yet?

first play, they threw a pick, lol

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Stanley Havili must be an eight-year senior.

Also, Salas for Hawaii has some game.
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Kiffin is such a douche'. So glad he's in position to take usc out of the top 20 for the next X-amount of years, while he's there.
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Holy s**t

Hawaii's QB got put to sleep
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Holy s**t

Hawaii's QB got put to sleep

That's putting it mildly.
Why does USC keep doing 2 pt conversions?
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